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Gabbing With Tanvi (YouTube) - Episode Four

Weeks are flying by! How do I know that? Because it is Wednesday again! Didn't I just post a video? I am baffled by how much time it takes to shoot and edit videos and by the time I am done with one, it is already time to record the next. I cannot even imagine how people post two to three videos each weeks. It would require me to be on my bum 24/7. 

Anyhoo, today we are back with the fourth episode of #GwT aka "Gabbing With Tanvi"... and we are talking about Marriage. Now mind you, we are not your off the mill "awww, so cute! gooey-starry-eyed-couple". I would describe us as an entertaining-edgy-with-a-pinch-of-salt-couple. So our views on things are rather unconventional. We have the most bizarre-random-conversations and then we forget that we had even ever spoken about such a thing. 

I actually don't think I am qualified to have views on marriage, simply because I do not feel married. Whenever someone mentions the word "marriage" it automatically registers as something other people do. For me, we are purely in a live-in relationship with a legal certificate giving us access to each other's assets. :D

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