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What Should Be In Your Make-Up Kit?

What Should Be In Your Makeup Kit?, Tanvii.com

What Should Be In Your Makeup Kit?

Whether you’re a makeup beginner or a seasoned pro, stocking your makeup kit appropriately to your needs is essential. Based on your skill level, you can stock just the basics, or put a full arsenal of professional level secrets and techniques inside. But where should you start? Here’s a quick cheat sheet for putting together the beauty toolkit of your dreams!

Just the Foundation, Ma’am:
A great look begins with a flawless canvas. The myth about foundation is that you need to slather it all over your face, but according to experts at RealSimple.com, a no-show foundation is best applied only to areas with uneven tone or discoloration. If you only need light to medium coverage, consider a BB cream. BB creams are a blend of tinted moisturizer, a primer, and most have SPF coverage, which you should wear every day, anyway! Not sure of your shade? It’s always best to ask a professional. Any cosmetics counter will have someone who can help you find your best shade! If you’re intent on flying solo on this one, you can sweep several different shades vertically across your jawline, and whichever shade is barely visible is the one best for you.

If you’re struggling with dark under-eye circles or blemishes, you’ll also need a good concealer. You want a creamy formula that won’t make your problems worse or damage the sensitive skin beneath the eye. The best technique, writes Melissa Gold for Divine Caroline, is to first use a non-greasy eye cream, then use your ring finger to gently dab concealer onto the dark areas below the eye. After waiting for it to sink in for a minute, blend the edges into the skin. Be careful not to press too hard and rub the product off your skin. 

Color Me Pretty
Once you’ve got a clean slate, it’s time to start bringing out your best features! The first item on this agenda should be a good natural blush. The right shade can bring a pop to just the apple of the cheek, giving the appearance of a light blush, not the appearance of wearing blush. Avoid shimmer, and until you’re comfortable, start out using a lighter shade. The writers at Teen Vogue recommend also adding a neutral bronzer to your makeup bag basics. If you decide to go this route, make sure the bronzer isn’t more than a shade or two darker than your skin tone. Use a contour brush and apply bronzer sparingly beneath your cheekbones, blending upward. In the winter, or if you prefer not to go the bronzer route, a similar contouring effect can be achieved with using slightly different shades of blush, with the lighter one on the apple of the cheek and sweeping lightly across the cheekbone, and the darker shade blended slightly beneath.  

Next it’s time to define the eyes. You’ll want a neutral eye shadow to brighten up the eyelid, and a more medium shade for the crease, to add definition and depth. If you feel like all of these cheek and eye colors are getting too complicated, consider buying a makeup palette, like one available in the Makeup Kits Collection from Nykaa. Collections like the one at Nykaa also sell preselected groups of products, which are a great way to build your ideal makeup kit or experiment with products, too. 

That Photo Finish
For a more finished look, you’ll want to define your eyes further with an eyeliner pencil or liquid. A softer brown pencil looks more natural and is more easily applied. Pencils can be blended or smudged for a softer, smokier effect. For more advanced makeup artists, a liquid or gel liner is the only way to get that perfect retro look and make a bold statement. Mascara is also an essential: Teen Vogue insists it should be the first makeup every girl buys.  The darker lashes from mascara will frame the eye and give it more definition.
A universally flattering lipgloss is also a must have for every makeup kit. The best shades have only a little bit of tint in a pale shade, and the shine will soften and enhance your lips, making them appear fuller. Most of us want a bit more depth from our lipcolor, however. A good long wear nude lipstick can take you from workday into night, especially with a smoky eye palette, or go bolder with a defined or more natural eye. Finally, sweep on some translucent powder to set the foundation and create a finished look. 

Don’t forget to add in a few beauty tools, like tweezers, lash curlers, and brushes, and of course, what makeup kit would be complete without makeup remover wipes? Once you’ve got the basics, the sky’s the limit with what you can do. You can choose to keep it simple, or completely go for it!


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