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Lust List: Maxi Dresses UNDER $100

Summer is here (almost). I am so happy about it. You know me, I love me some Maxi (not the pads!). Every year, I invest in a couple of maxis which last me the whole season and then some. This is one piece where I do not spend the big bucks on. I try to keep it under $100 bucks because I know the regular wear and wash would not let them last for too long. Below are some pieces which are UNDER $100. This Calvin Klein just made the cut (yay!). 


  1. I only recently discovered the pleasures of maxis. Having never worn one before, I didn't know the sensuous delights of how they caress you like a full-body hug. I'm hooked now!

  2. Awesome collections, Maxi are best to wear in summer.


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