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Gabbing With Tanvi (YouTube) - Episode Three

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It has already been four weeks since I started the YouTube channel. How crazy is that? Time is flying, eh! And I ain't complaining. I have been loving every single day of spring. Long Live Spring!

Anyhoo, moving on ... I cannot thank you all for many-many reasons. However, two which are on my mind today are: Firstly for the fabulous feedback on last week's YouTube Interview with Dr. Mudita. I am so glad that you all found it helpful. It is gratifying to create content which is well received. as always, if you have any suggestions, anything you would like to ask me or anyone you would like me to interview, do let me know. I am always open to your feedback and suggestions. Secondly for the love and support. I have never been the one to celebrate hitting a "follower" mark but having so many of y'all on board in less than a month, is encouraging and pushes me to continue to create fresh and engaging content. 

As for today's episode of Gabbing With Tanvi, Dr. Fab and myself are letting you in on a game we often play while we are on long drives, walks or just getting bored. Hope you enjoy this light-hearted episode. 

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  1. So much FUN! (i made it :-p) Really liked how you integrating photos into the video. Always nice to hear your candid responses to everyday life questions!

  2. When he asks Fav clothing store..U could nt name one...I guess u have too many favourites..Its a sweet d game..will give it a try with my hubby this weekend :)

    Stylish Coat

    1. Actually I have none. I don't have a fav. clothing store :D

      Let me know how the game goes!!!

  3. What an adorable video! I love the intro and the pictures you use to describe your interests.

    xx Yasmin

  4. Short,sweet n Crisp video. Loved watching your expressions.

  5. It was way too cute your expressions when bhaiya asked abt sports haha no interest Love it and we are chocolate lovers, very nicely edited bhabhi 😘


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