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Driven By Feelings

I have been thinking about how it doesn't matter what a person says to you, if you do not believe it to be true, or if it does not touch your heart. I tend to gauge the words by how they make me feel. There have been more than one instances where I am told that I am missed, or loved, or admired, or appreciated. But I do not always believe those statements to be true. If the words (or actions) do not touch my soul, or move me in anyway then I refuse to feel manipulated by their emotions. Someone can love and admire you all they want, but if it never truly touches a chord in you and you don't feel loved then what is the point? 

In my experience not everyone is earnest about their words and emotions. Sometimes people just say things on a whim, sometimes they say things to fill the silence, and sometimes they say what is expected of them. And sometimes, just sometimes they say what they mean. 

In my life, I have come across only a handful of people who have the ability to say what they mean, and more importantly they know how to say what they mean. But one thing that makes me believe them, is the consistency in their behavior. That, probably is why we all take our parents for granted. Parents always love us (consistently) no matter what. It is hard to achieve that kind of relationship with others in life.

What surprises me the most is when I find genuine connection with people with whom I have just met, or when I just know I would not get along with someone by their body language. I have often tried to break down my thought process to understand how did I reach this conclusion. There is rarely a logical one. I have learnt that I am all about intuitions, feelings, and that-random-connection. And when I find that I never let it go! 


  1. May 29, 2015 at 10:26 AM

    It's good to trust your intuition. Our brains process a lot of information on a subconscious level and there's validity in that. Plus, as you note, many people are insincere with their words. Intuition sees through that.

  2. Agreed, actions speak louder than words, so that's what I tend to judge people by. But at this stage in my life, I must admit I'm picky in who I allow in. If you have a positive outlook, you're in; if you find negativity in everything, you're out ;)

  3. I always go my but my intuition tells no matter how hard it might seem at that point.
    Great post Tanvii !


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