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Pro and Cons of Living in Texas

One year ago, today we left Texas. And if you know me, you know that has me reflecting on my past year and being all-melancholic about what I have left behind. However, this is not a sappy post. I was thinking about my time in Texas and I came up with a list of what I miss and don't miss about Texas. Here we go: 
Things I miss about Texas 
  1. HEB - There is nothing quite like HEB (Its a local grocery store chain). Even their smallest store is bigger than the Walmart here in the North East. I miss the convenience of one-stop shopping. 
  2. Low cost of living - Not to forget, one stop shopping AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. When we were trying to cut down our expenses we were able to live at a budget of $50 per week grocery for two. That is so NOT possible in the North East. 
  3. Margaritas - Yum! They know how to make a margarita. Anything you are having in other states is not even 1% real deal. Go to Texas, and have a Margarita. Have one for me too!
  4. Over all cool swagger - You know that Texan vibe you see in the movies? It is real. People with their thick southern accents, laid back lifestyles. Sigh! There is nothing quite like it. 
  5. 55 m/hr Speed Limit - Oh. Lord. The speed limit. I used to crib about how slow the traffic is moving in Texas. Now SLOW has a whole new definition with the 30 m/hr speed limit. Being on the road is a torture here. 
Things I don't miss about Texas 
  1. Heat & Humidity - Yeah! I don't miss that. Having 75F temperatures in spring is no joy. But the worst part is that weather changes there on hourly basis. You never quite know what climate should you dress for. 
  2. Polarized religious views - Without going into too much detail. I did not enjoy the radical religious views down there. 
  3. Lack of diversity - People living in Texas might think there is diversity, but there really isn't. In one year of living in DC area I have probably interacted with more than 20-25 nationalities. In 7 years of living in Texas I came across no more than 3, max. 5 nationalities!
  4. Taking forever to get out of the state lines - You can never plan a long weekend because it bloody takes 24 hours to get out of the states and then another 24 hours to get back in. For a travel junkie like myself, that was seven years of torture. 
  5. No public transportation - I hate driving. You need to be attentive, you can't read, you cannot slide back your chair - Driving is super uncomfortable. But since the public transportation practically doesn't exist there was no other option. 
Regardless of my list, I wouldn't change a thing about my last eight years. I'd like to keep my faith in 'everything happens for a reason' so while I am happy living in the North East, I was happy living in Texas as well. 
Every step of the journey that matters, right? 


  1. In West Texas there are stretches of road where the speed limit is 80mph!

  2. Now I would miss the speed limit too! Got 3 tickets when I drove in the UK as the limit was 30 and I was driving with 40mph. Well each place has its pros and cons and I do remember the religious incident which I think links to the diversity thing. I'm sure that lady is not familiar with the various non-Christian religions that exist (or atheism for that matter)!

    Ah soon I'm going to right a reflection piece about my time in Boston. One thing's for sure: I won't miss the weather!

    1. Well since the UK uses kilometers and the metric system, I'm not surprised you got 3 speeding tickets


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