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Fitness Motivation: Hrithik

When I reach a slump in my workout routine, I seek motivation on YouTube. And this time I found GOD! Quite literally. I mean, come on. There is one thing to be fit, there is quite another to be THIS good-looking (... and SO fricking hot)! While I know I will never have that lean body, 'coz I cannot stop eating my chocolates and bread ... but I can still continue to hope and at least stay active. 

P.S. I have been YouTube obsessed for the past couple of months. I mean I always watched videos on YouTube, but now I am on it non-stop! Super productive time spent!


  1. Could not stop from commenting on this. One of the best video i come across. A hot video by a hot gal!

  2. will have to save this! thanks for sharing!

  3. could you post some useful youtube links on work outs :)

    1. Hey! Check this post, I have linked several YouTube links for different exercises there!


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