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Beauty Talk: New Products

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Disclaimer: Please read my previous post on my skin type to make an informed opinion/decision. Also, these products might or might not be available in India and/or outside United States.
one: Stella McCartney Eau de parfum
It is one of my go-to-fragrances. I have been using it for over a decade and have loved it every single day. It is mild mix of musky and floral. It isn't over powering and yet lasts the whole day. 
two: Dead Sea Mud Mask*
OMG! This is the best god-damn-mask there is out there! I loved it from the first use itself. It didn't burn, or made my skin red. It restored an even skin tone and a smoother complexion overall. It also deep cleaned and moisturized my skin. I am supremely happy with the product and would definitely purchase it again at my own cost!
three: Pancha Garya Ayurvedic Soap (Other Option)
Usually I am not a soap user, I am more of a shower gel kinda person, but I love all things organic and Ayurvedic. My cousin brought this for me as a gift (from India). I tired it and loved it. It is made with cow's milk and ghee (clarified butter), perfect for winters and/or if you have dry skin. If you happen to find one you should definitely try it. 
four: Hermès Jour d`Hermès Eau de perfume
This is a new fragrance I recently tried. It has a delicious feminine and distinct scent. When you have a night out or want to feel a little extra special this is the one for then! 
five: Acure Argan Oil*
Previously I had used this oil from Acure and it had been in my winter-survival-kit in the past year. And now I am in love with their Argan Oil as well. Argan oil has been popular for hair in the past decade, but apply it's two drops everyday, to your face and feel the softness. The small bottle lasts you a good six months, making it a bang for your buck. 
six: Roomila Necklace
I go through phases of loving delicate jewelry and statement pieces. Looks like now its the turn of the statement pieces again and I am loving this gorgeous necklace from my own store. Grab it before its sold out! 
seven: Coin Purse
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but that has nothing to do with my love for this heart shaped coin purse. I have been in organization mode lately and cannot get enough of these coin purses. The bonus is that you can use some of them as make up pouches or even stationary bags. 
* These products were provided to me at no cost. All opinions mentioned are my own.  

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