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Lust List: Valentine Gift Guide (for HIM)

"It" is less than 10 day away and if you celebrate it then you better get your ducks in a row. First things first, gift for your man. While I and Dr. Fab do not celebrate Valentine's Day we do not shy away from an excuse to shop. And if I had to buy him a gift it would be something quality and something that he would not buy for himself. Here's what's on my list: 
  1. Paco Rabbane Eau de Toilette
  2. The Art of Shaving 
  3. Moncler Acorus Puffer Jacket
  4. Keneth Cole Toe Boot
  5. Bottega Veneta Briefcase
  6. Balenciaga Organizer
  7. Michael Kors Watch
  8. Salvatore Ferragamo Belt 
  9. Diesel Leather Jacket  
  10. Del Torro Sneakers 
  11. Michael Kors Peacoat 
  12. Burberry Sports Shirt 
You can clink on the images below to reach the product directly!

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