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Lust List: Denim


In the process of creating a Killer Closet, denim has been one of my favorite fabrics (?). It never goes out of fashion, it is versatile something you can style up or down easily and it is long lasting making it worth the investment. Now you cannot put a price tag on a good-fitted-jeans but you know you have to. I would say invest in a pair (it is likely to cost you $100+) and you would have a go to item you can trust all year round. 
But denim is not restricted to just a pair of jeans. There's vests, jackets (MUST HAVE!), shorts, shirts and of course the LDD which is having a moment this spring! (I am loving this one). 
I bet you are dreaming of spring, like I am - here's my wishful list of denim clothing.  

Anything caught your fancy?

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