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Three Ways To Style A Brown Mid-Rise Boots

Three Ways To Style A Brown Mid-Rise Boots,
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I have realized that while doing the Three Ways series I always share the shopping event or the back story behind how I acquired the piece. I never-to-rarely do that in my outfit posts. Mostly because it never strikes me and also because I find them boring to narrate, but it seems natural to share them here. The whole nine-yards of how and when I got it and how I have styled it over and and over again. 
So over to the boots in question today. They are from GAP and were for a mere $20.00 on sale. This is not a boot I would be attracted to on my own but Dr. Fab insisted I try them on. And I did. And I loved it. They were (are!) soft, stylish and looked great with the jeans I had on. I got them home and they have been my go-to-boots every since. 

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