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This year ...

usually I can distinctly differentiate between the end of one year and the start of the other. however, this year I have not yet felt that we have stumbled upon 2015. I have just embraced it as a matter-of-fact and moved on. I have infact no even had an issue with the date change while writing - 01/07/2015. see, what I mean? 
there is of course no resolution making going on. because. but things have been simply over lapping from Dec. 31st to Jan 1st. everything is intertwined. one thing however, I plan on changing this year is to increase the written content on the blog. though I had mentioned that I plan on decreasing the over all amount of blogging. 
I plan to write. a lot. and not only write, but truly share. unburden my heart of all the thoughts and conflicts. I miss the joy of writing whatever comes to your mind without giving a damn about who is reading. I reminisce that from my first year of blogging. 
recently realized that there is a disconnect between what I am saying and what others are understanding. my biggest tragedy. also felt that in the last couple of years I have built walls around my words and self-expression. I was trying to not stir up controversy or unintentionally offend people. but now I miss writing. so I am going to write. may be ruffle some feathers (or not) but say what is on my mind. share personal anecdotes or just a random passing thought but would definitely like to make the words speak louder than pictures in 2015.
so fasten your seat belts, people! it will be a bumpy ride going forward ;)

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