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How To Curate Your Closet

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Contrary to popular belief, shopping is NOT supposed to be a hobby! Same goes for eating. I don't know how it all started but somehow we, as a society, are going extremely wrong. Anyways, I digress. I was saying - Shopping is supposed to be a strategy.

This post is mostly for 30+ women (or even 25+ women, who have evolved). Chances are you have filled your closet with hundreds of clothing items over the past decade and yet you stand in front of your closet everyday and say, "I have nothing to wear!"

In my early 20's I had decided I will create a closet filled with quality pieces which I would love for many years to come. It includes a good fitted jeans (I have had these for 10 years now), a killer leather jacket, good quality boots, classic handbags, etc. I'm soon going to be 33 and I can proudly say that I have an excellent functional closet which is filled with quality pieces which can take me from day to night without worrying about trends and whatnot.

Today on popular demand, I am breaking down my process: 

Closet Detox - Get rid of everything except what you truly love and wear often. Things that fit you to the 'T' and represent your style should be the only ones which should find place in your closet. Read my post here to get the low down on how you can edit your existing closet to get a head start on getting to that perfect closet down the road. 

Find Your Style - I had recently read somewhere that "Don't buy what designers tell you to buy. Buy what the designers wear themselves." These are golden words. If you notice, most fashion designers themselves have a specific style and they often stick to classic silhouettes. Taking the cue from them, find your own personal style. Discover what makes you feel your best in? What do you feel most comfortable in? This might take some time. You will have to be a little observant and a little intuitive. After consciously thinking about your past clothing choices you will be able to find your personal style. Hopefully! 

I would describe my style as classic, minimalist with a dash of quirk! This was probably most definitely NOT how I would have described my style a decade back but this is what it has evolved into. And going forward this is the theme I would like my closet to represent. 

Set a budget - We all are on a budget. If you don't have one then the first step would be to find your monthly shopping budget. You can find my post on budgeting here. Your shopping budget would be a portion of the figure based on your total net earnings minus all your fixed expenses. A budget gives you a starting point to allocate that money according to priority and need! 

On Instagram you must have often heard me say, "Shop less, but shop smart!". I truly believe that. For example, now that I have moved to the North East, I need much more heavy duty winter coats, and I refuse to purchase any cheap-acrylic-bullshit. However, I had not budgeted to purchase one since I have no idea I will be moving up north. But I have started saving to buy one next year. i.e. Think Before You Shop! 

Choose Quality - Continuing from the above example: A killer closet is built on quality. "Less is more" is the most underrated statement. 

Think long term. Think comfort. Think style. Which means you would have to stop shopping at Forever 21, H&M, other high-street sub-quality stores. However, good quality doesn't necessarily mean expensive. Good quality means - good fit, good fabric and hopefully long lasting. To purchase quality you would have to be patient. You would have to save. And you would have to learn -"Less is more". 

Choose Comfort - I do not understand painful fashion. I don't see the point of knowingly and willingly buying shoes that hurt you and you can't walk more than 10 mins in them. I don't understand clothes which suffocate you or in which you cannot move/sit. You should be able to "live" your life in your clothes. Your life should not be dependent on what you are wearing any day of the year. Or may be that's just me! 

Screw Trends - We all love looking at magazine spreads and wondering how we would look in the "current trend". But before you go dive into the trend do a reality check: is it in-sync with my personal style? does it suit my body type? Will it last me a long time?

Having said that, if there is a trend you do wish you try - go right ahead. These can be the purchases you make for a short-term purpose. Get an instant gratification, wear it for a season and then pass it along to Goodwill (or such!) 

Closet Remix - This is very important for everyone who has a limited budget. Your closet should have pieces which can be worn over and over again for various occasions with different looks and outfits. Versatility is very important to build a killer closet. 

From my personal experience I can say that style is forever evolving but the key ingredients always remain the same. So while you shouldn't be afraid of experimenting or trying new things but always be true to your style. Wearing something just because everyone else is, isn't a fashionable thing to do. It means that all the marketing they do to sell you things, has been successful. That's all!

Hopefully you found this post helpful. If you would like me to share tips/tricks/opinions on other matters, let me know in the comments below or via the social media and I will see what I can whip up! :)



  1. I love this! At 36 I'm still trying to figure out my style and I do like to stick to classic pieces.

  2. I need this advice! My closet is in need of curating!

  3. This article is about wisdom, very rare between fashionistas. You've always been my favourite! ��

  4. YES! Thank you for saying no to trends. I stay away from trendy everything if I can. Trends are what brought us stonewashed jeans, weird 80s hair, and those colorful, bright geometric 90s nightmares.

  5. Ok I can do all of those things, but I need someone to come take all the crap away now! So hard to part with stuff!

  6. My style has changed so much now that I'm older. I use to keep up with trends now I just wear whatever is comfortable!

  7. Oh dear, there is no hope for me, I'm post 50 and still have a few tops from H&M, I need to grow up!

  8. Great advice! I love the idea of a closet detox lol makes sense to me and also yes i agree, screw trends!!!

  9. I think when I age I kind of know what I like and what fit me more so I totally agree with finding your style. Another important factor is know your budget.

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  15. My problem is not buying too many clothes, but I do tend to hoard things that probably will never fit me again

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