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Bring It On 2015

Bring It On 2015,
Every year I get a feeling. Like an intuition, which basically tells me what I should expect in the coming year. Some of the past intuitions I have had have been : change | adventure | growth | etc. There is of course no logic or proof to my theory. It's personal. It's intuitive. It's a matter of perspective and of course looking back I have been able to associate that word with how the year turned out. This year my intuition is telling me "struggle". Now I don't know anything more than that but I am trying to wrap my brain around it and be prepared for the struggle or as we call it in the pop-culture language "da hustle".
Although I have never referred to my experiences as struggle / achievement or as 'ups' and 'downs'. Neither do I think that I am a positive or a negative person. I (honestly) believe that am simply "living" my life because that's what you are supposed to do, you can't spend it lying in bed (or can you?).
I use the analogy that life is like a video game. You face the unknown and try to survive whatever comes your way to the best of your ability. The only difference being, unlike video games you don't get another 'life' or a chance to press restart. So you better live in the present and have no regrets. We all know "the end" of our journey. So why even bother comparing, competing, being hard on ourselves and obsess over what we don't have or the could haves and would haves of life?
If we saw life as an adventure with the second last destination being the mystery (we all know the final destination), it would be so much more exciting. That's how I see my life - The one with Zero disappointment. Zero Expectation. 100% excitement ... So bring it on 2015!
It's going to be a great year nonetheless. Just like all the previous ones. All 32 of them!
Happy 2015!

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