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Top Five Online Shopping Sites In India

I have a lot to readers who are in India and want to know about the shopping sites within the country. Since I have never used any of the e-retailers, I never felt equipped to recommend a website. Hence, I asked the expert. Meet Abhilasha. She is an Indian Blogger based out of Pune who runs a life style blog called : Looking Good Feeling Fab. She has a great sense of style with the wits to go with it. Check out her Top Five Online Shopping Sites In India below:

I distinctly remember a time when shopping for new clothes would be such an exciting and laborious process. My mother would head to the local market with my sister and I in toe, we would look for the perfect combination of fabric, print, colour and price. Picking choosing and deliberating was never easy but was always so much fun. I would then spend a few afternoons conjuring up images of that perfect little frock that could briefly satisfy my fairytale fantasies. Sometimes my experiments paid off while at other times they ended in disasters, either way the joy was in the process.

Things are so different today, shopping has become and ongoing year round ritual and yet I do not remember the last time I went to the market. Though I do miss the old days of the darzi and DIY, I thank God everyday for the internet and the convenience of online shopping. India has caught on to the trend and how..there are new online stores starting up everyday, each with its own novel concepts and unique offerings and shopping or window shopping online has never been more fun.  Here are a few sites that I have come to love over the last few years:

1. : Best for the fashionista on a budget.  

The Lowdown
Super fast shipping.
Easy returns.
Great Quality
New line added every 15 days
Bang on trend
Very affordable 

My Go-To For
I love the dresses on this site, not all of them are amazing but you will always find a few that are (pssstt, and those sell out fasttt!!) So subscribe to their list and check their new collection launches the moment the mail hits your inbox. Come fall, winter and they start putting out some really fun funky jackets too. 

2. : Best for the high street lover. 

The Lowdown
Quick shipping.
Great customer service.
Easy returns.
Very trendy.
Something for everyone. 

My Go-To For
Crop tops, sequin jackets, designer collaborations, leopard pants..Koovs has something trendy for absolutely everyone.
There is no other site that has as exhaustive a sale section as koovs, you are bound to find some gems in their sale section at any time of the year. They also run some fantastic promotional offers for seemingly no reason at all. Follow them to ensure you do not miss these added incentives to shop.

3. : Best for the thrift shopper. 

The Lowdown
Lightning fast shipping at times and at other times they test your patience.
Returns a little complex.
Different sales everyday.
Something for everyone.
Unbelievable bargains.
Not recommended for Indian wear.
I would recommend Cash On Delivery. 

My Go-To For
Luxury goods at bargain prices.
On most days you might not find anything great here, however occasionally you will find bargains that are beyond belief. If you are willing to visit the site often enough, if you can keep the faith and if you pray hard enough, the site is sure to reward you. You will even find luxury brands like Michael Kors and Versace if you look often enough.
4. : Best for the desi diva  

The Lowdown
The runway gets transported to this portal even before the show ends.
Every designer wants to be in a Perniaspopupshop box and every Indian girl wants her hand on one of these gorgeous boxes. Their sales are great and their sell out pace is ever greater. I have never shopped here yet but I have never heard anything negative about the site either. If you are brave enough to buy expensive designer wear without trying it on first, this is the place to take that risk. 

My Go-To For
I get some wonderful inspiration and fodder for sweet dreams here. The site boasts of an extensive and exhaustive list of designers who display their latest designs here. 

5. : Best for the patient shopping addict 

The Lowdown
Arguably, the largest Indian shopping portal.
Fantastic perennial deals.
Pocket friendly.
Innovative collaborations. 

My Go-To For
Everyday essentials. When I need to spruce up my every day wardrobe with some trendy pieces, without burning a hole in my pocket, jabong is where I head. You are certain to find a few variants of absolutely anything you need.

Which is your fav. online shopping site?

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