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Interview with Victoria Mas & Giveaway

Interview with Victoria Mas & Giveaway,

A French native, Victoria Mas was raised in the South of France. Unique local specialties from her village still haunt her today. After studying in California, she got her master’s degree in literature from the Paris-Sorbonne University and remembers all the times she stepped into her favorite Montmartre bakery to get through the exams. A compulsive reader and croissant eater, she has worked as a cultural columnist, photographer, screenwriter, and writer for various projects in film, theater, and TV. She is devoted to writing and sharing her passion for French food with which, like all her compatriots, she’s had a romance since childhood.

- You have such a diverse portfolio. How do you cultivate your skills in so many varied fields?
I studied literature and film, therefore every project I've worked on so far has been different and led me to try something new. I enjoy creative projects and producing stories. However, how diverse my portfolio may seem, my first and main passion remains writing.

- What inspired you to write this book?
Speaking about french food is a passion of mine, and I wanted to share it with readers who were interested in french cuisine. Far from writing a formal book with a list of names and definitions, I wanted to approach the subject in a more conversational way, as if I was directly exchanging with readers.

- I like how you have brought french culture and cuisine together. How did you come about this concept?
I thought the most interesting way for readers to learn about french food was from a french person's point of view. Food and culture, notably in France, are inseparable. Eating is very revealing of the french habits, mindset and behavior. I therefore tried my best to give readers a look of the subject on a day-to-day basis based on personal experiences, observations, facts and anecdotes.

- Any suggestion for other upcoming writers?
I'm still learning myself about writing, and I believe it is a never-ending process! I always remind myself of what Charles Bukowski said to aspiring writers : "Don't try".

- Let's talk about other things ... What is your favorite cuisine besides French?
Italian food is a joy to the senses - but who doesn't feel that way about Italian food ? Lebanese and Indian food also count as my favorite. 
- What is that one suggestion you have for the first-time visitors to France?
I would suggest avoid eating at touristic areas. Not only food is not so great, but waiters tend to be inconsiderate. Instead, opt for local brasseries or restaurants, far from the crowded and expected areas - you will get much better service and food.
I know that first-time visitors to France are often taken aback by how rude the French seem; although they may look grumpy, and it takes some time for them to warm up, in fact they are hospitable and welcoming.

- Do you have other plans for writing another book?
I have a few ideas in mind which I'm currently brainstorming... 
- Anything else you would like to share with your readers?
I hope that they will find the book entertaining and helpful, and come to appreciate french food on a whole other level!

Dine, drink, converse, and indulge à la Française. “The Farm to Table French Phrasebook,” is a new comprehensive language guide for food lovers that serves up the vital French expressions other books leave off the plate. After reading this book I came to appreciate the stories and culture behind the food. I cannot wait to go back to France. It has rather been a long time. 

It is great for anyone who wishes to leave how to: navigate produce markets, charcuteries and pâtisseries; prepare meals the French way with delicious, authentic recipes; speak the lingo of Paris’s top restaurants and bistros; pair regional wines with delightful cheeses; and, master the proper table etiquette for dining at a friend’s house.

"Whether you’re spending a semester in Paris, vacationing in the Riviera, dining at a local bistro or mastering the French culinary art in your own kitchen, “The Farm to Table French Phrasebook” opens a bountiful world of food you won’t find in any textbook or classroom."

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