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Beauty Talk: New Products

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Disclaimer: Please read my previous post on my skin type to make an informed opinion/decisions. Also, these products might or might not be available in India and/or outside United States.  
oneShiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask
I recently tried Shiseido products followed by their custom facial. I am a loyalist now. I was able to see visible and long lasting changes. Trust, you me, I am going in for re-fills and to try their remaining of the brightening product line (as soon as I am done with my recent quota). Talking of brightening, this mask is amazing. My skin was moisturized, bright and even-toned after just one use. 
twoHerbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoos need no-selling. They are a must-have for those rushed mornings, or for post-workout hair. This is a good budget buy. It left my hair refreshed and clean. I will definitely re-purchase it.  
three: Auto Rickshaw Bookmark
I received this as a gift from my sister-in-law. I have been using it ever since. Love the unique design and that it is hand-made. Thanks Richa! (:  
four: Philosophy Amazing Grace
OMG. I can't believe I lived without this for so many years. I have been using Philosophy products for a long time but never tried their "Grace" collection. I tired. .I smelt. I died and went to heaven. It smells great and is moisturizing and gentle. Highly recommend it.  
fiveEvian Facial Water Spray
I love using Evian facial spray. Especially, in summers. They are great for winters too, because you can never moisturize your face enough. It is a mild mist that penetrates and hydrates the upper layers of the skin. A perfect addition to your skincare and make up routine. You can easily carry it on the go and/or in your travel bag. Learn more about it at
six: The Farm To Table French Phrasebook
It is a charming short book. You learn about the French cuisine through french culture. I had recently finished reading the book and interviewed the author. It only grew my love for the book. If you enjoy learning about the cultures then this is a book for you. You can also enter the giveaway, to win a copy here.
seven: Humans of New York
If you haven't heard about this book it is probably because you don't "really" follow what's worth following on social media (my personal opinion). That aside you MUST read pick of copy of this book. It is like 'Chicken Soup For Soul" but with pictures and people narrating their own stories.  
Earlier this year I started this segment sporadically and have been enjoying putting it together. Let me know if you have enjoyed it too and would like me to continue doing it in 2015? 
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