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Ponytail Styling

This year I really embraced the ponytail. All my life I have loved having my hair down and flowing, so I don't know what got inside this year. As I look back over the posts from the previous months I noticed the 'ponytail' making its presence felt. Below are the three ways I styled them: 
Perfect for the hot summer months, when you cannot stand having hair on your face or neck. It also gives a nice clean look which can be worn day and night, both.  
This is an easy-boho-way of styling the ponytail. Let it sit lower on the neck adds a feminine touch to the look.  
aka the chic ponytail, as I like to call it. Add a few loose curls towards the end of the pony tail with a slight poof in the front and voila! you are ready. I find it a more classy way to wear a ponytail. Y'know when you want to show that you made a little more effort than just tie it up with a hair tie! 
Do you like ponytails? Which one is your favorite?

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