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October 2014 in Review

October 2014 in Review, Tanvii.com
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Summer or Fall, looks like nothing can keep me away from colors. It has been quite an interesting month. Each outfit is different from the other. I wore skirts, maxi, saree, tunic, dresses ... practically everything. 
I like seeing all the outfits together at the end of the month. It puts things in perspective. I can self analyze - Did I play safe? Was I attracted to any one color? Did I get a good use out of my wardrobe? I like to know the answers to these questions, even though I don't think about them at all while picking out my clothes daily.
Moving on ... Life is going great. I am finally settled and can move around the area without checking google maps every two seconds. Spent the summer/fall doing lots of outdoor activities and socializing. Now, I am hesitantly looking forward to the winter months *shudder*.  
Blogging wise, DMV area (D.C. / Maryland / Virgina) has a thriving blogging community. I have interacted with so many wonderful local bloggers and businesses. It has been a fun last couple of months. I am so excited for 2015 already. 
Lastly, I am happy to inform you that I am ticking off stuff from my Fall Bucket List, left right and center. Out of 10, I am 5 down and 6th is coming up soon! Aka BREAK. Like a real one. I am gonna step away from my computer and get some work done. I would however, be active on other social mediums. Come say hi! if you miss me :) 
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