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JRINK - 3 Day Reboot

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Last month I did a 3 Day Reboot Not-As-Easy (Juice Cleanse) from JRINK Juicery. After the non-stop summer travel I was feeling sluggish and wanted to (literally) "reboot" my system. This wasn't my first juice cleanse. I have been doing them once (and sometimes twice) a year, for past several years. The concept of periodic fasting aka cleanse has roots in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Light fasting is part of every week in Hindu tradition, depending on where in India you come from.

Among the life long benefits (of a longer lifespan) I have always felt rejuvenated and recharged after the cleanse. However, people with strenuous physical jobs or other health problems should NOT do the cleanse without consulting their doctors. 

What to expect while on a juice cleanse:
  • First day is hard. You are sending your body into a shock mode 
  • Constant urge to give up and binge eat 
  • Feeling full and satisfied at the end of the day 

What a juice cleanse will do for you:

  • Reboot your metabolism 
  • Help you break away from unhealthy eating habits 
  • Lead a passage to starting a new healthy eating routine 

What a juice cleanse will NOT do for you:
  • You will NOT lose weight 
  • It will NOT magically solve all your dietary/gastrointestinal issues 
  • It can NOT be a lifestyle choice 

Having moved to DMV area, I decided to go with a local juicery - JRINK for my cleanse. I got it home delivered on the first day of the cleanse and the delivery was prompt and started my cleanse from 9:00am onwards. I couldn't have been happier with their service and product. If you are in the DMV area you must check JRINK out.

How about you? Have you done a Juice cleanse? 
What has your experience been like? 

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