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Karma Mantra Jewelry

Disclaimer: I was provided with these products free of charge for the purpose of this post. 
The opinions mentioned are my own.
Karma Mantra Jewelry, Tanvii.com
Karma Mantra Jewelry, Tanvii.com
Karma Mantra Jewelry, Tanvii.com
Bracelet / Bangle / Mala (aka Necklace)
I am so excited to review Karma Mantra on the blog today. Ever since they contacted me I have been excited about showing their collection up on the blog. The design is in sync with my style esthetics: a little bit of culture with whole lot of simplicity. Romell Bhaala, the founder of the brand, explain his vision as “a brand that wants to shine the light on arts, cultures, and mythologies of different regions of the world.” 
Bhaala draws from his Indian heritage and creates an eclectic mix of pieces. He has mixed the eastern culture to creative some individualistic pieces. Black Onyx and Turquoise Jaap Mala is my absolutely favorite. It also happens to be something which I had been on a look out for since a long time. The Bone With Turquoise Bracelet would be my second favorite, though it is a tab-bit big on my tiny-little-wrists. Nonetheless I love it and I believe would make a great addition to my arm party. Last but not the least the Om Mani Padme Hum Brass Bangle is such a stunning statement piece. I love the antique finish and the cultural encryption on the bangle. 
Being a jewelry hoarder collector, I believe Karma Mantra is definitely worth a visit and I am certain that you would find a piece or two which you wouldn’t be able to resist.  
Let me know what you thought. 

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