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Sense Of Abandonment

Mother's Day,
This is not your off the mill "Thank-you-Mom-'coz-its-Mother's-Day-kinda-post". It is simply a memoir of my feelings!
Growing up I was a colossal spoilt brat. I wouldn't have agreed back then but looking back I can see all the symptoms. I was stubborn (still am) and it was always my way or the highway (still is). But let me also say that I was a spoilt brat who was independent, self-reliant and honest. So the best-kinda-brat. No? (; The only balancing factor in my life was my mom. 

I was never the person who missed her parents when she went away to college. I never felt home sick. I rarely even called home. I considered myself a free-spirit.
... then I got married. I don't know what happened but a switch went off in my head and suddenly I started feeling home sick, missing home food and most importantly missing my Mom. 
Mom visits me every year. We travel together. She is my favorite holiday companion. We have the same travel-style. We believe in waking up early, having a hearty breakfast and then head to explore the new city. We are not foodies so it is never a priority and hence never distracts or slows us down. We love the nature and we love adventure. I have in fact inherited the travel-o-holic gene from her. 
... and now every time she leaves, I feel like first day at kindergarten where Mom is leaving me and I have to tread the waters all alone. I feel this sense of abandonment and can't understand why would she leave me alone in this crazy-world (dramatic much?). Of course it is only momentary and then I snap back to reality ... 
I don't know where I was going with this post. I guess, I just wanna say - I miss you Ma! | Happy Mother's Day!

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