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10 Questions I Hate Being Asked

10 Questions I Hate Being Asked, Tanvii.com

You know that I welcome questions. I have answered them as honestly as I possibly can. But then there are a few which I absolutely despise. And I thought I would put them to rest once and for all.

1. How to do speak such good english?

Living in U.S. I get asked this question every time I am among new group of people. I do not know why they can't wrap their heads around the fact that Non-Americans can speak fluent, grammatically correct English. What's the flipping big deal?

2. When are you going to have kids?

Agrh! None of your business, y'know. Get your head out of my bedroom.

3. Are you still dieting?

I often get this asked by people whom I meet once in five years. They cannot comprehend how someone can ACTUALLY prefer eating healthy food over paneer pakoras.

4. How can you be a vegetarian?

Just like how you can an ignorant fool. Its easy and comes just as naturally to me.

5. How much did you buy "this" for?

One of my biggest pet-peeves when people blatantly ask me the cost of my couch, bag, watch, … You don't do that! If you are really curious go google it. Don't ask me.

6. When someone calls and first thing they ask is, "Where are you?"

I have seen this habit in most Indian men, barring my Dad. This is how the conversation goes:

(phone rings)
Me: Hello
Person: Hello! Where are you?

And I am like … WOAH!? What does that matter. I am on Mars. How can I help you?

7. What is your caste?

This is mostly asked by nosy Indian aunties (right before they give you the unsolicited advice of having children before your womb turns barren). I know exactly what they are trying to do - They are trying to put me in a box. First categorizing by religion and second by caste. Ain't gonna happen Aunty. My standard reply is, "I am from India."

8. What is your salary?

OMG! How furious I get when someone asks me this. Till date my parents haven't asked me my salary. Like ever! I might offer to tell them voluntarily but they haven't asked. I don't see how anyone else has any right to ask either.

9. How do you have so much time?

This is often asked in reference to having a full-time job, blogging and working-out. I don't know, I guess I am better at time management? I don't hit snooze. I was brought up right. Do my answers make you feel better? ... No? Well, you shouldn't have asked then.

10. What is "XYZ?"

This is mostly asked by blog readers. What is 'bulgar wheat'? What are hip-flexers? What is this and what is that? I understand everyone doesn't know everything but seriously, why not Google it instead of asking me? It is not like I am an instant response machine. Just saying!

After writing the post, I asked my readers what was that ONE question that they hated, and a lot of them were echoing my frustrations. Good to know I am not alone!

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