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March 2014 in Review

March 2014 in Review,
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BOTTOM ROW: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 
1/4 of the year is over! Wow. Where did March go? Not that I am complaining. I am happy that time is moving fast. I get restless when it doesn't. 
Firstly, thank you for the feedback on the previous post. It was so unexpected. I was rambling as I always do. But I am glad so many of you enjoyed reading it. 
As for this month, I have had quite a good run so far. 30 outfits in 3 months. You know I like such synced odds. Round numbers. And basically a routine and order. Looks like you all enjoyed the post with the health and beauty tips A LOT. I think I should incorporate more of those in the coming months. Yes? No? 
Then this was the most popular outfit post. I don't know if it was the content or the post that you enjoyed the most. But that's what the stats tell me. The third most viewed post was on again on health and fitness tips. May be I should stop outfit posts all together, eh? :P
In fitness news: I completed the 5/100 and 30 Days Squat Challenge this morning. I have realized that these challenges are a great way to kick-start a fitness routine after the lazy-tiresome-winters. 
Lastly, thank you to everyone who is still sending in their responses on the poll. I am reading them and incorporating your feedback as much as I can. Everyone who complains about the comments being disabled, check below - You CAN comment as long as you have a Google account. 
That's it for now. Have a great week ahead!

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