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Beauty Talk: New Products

Beauty Talk:
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Disclaimer: Please read my previous post on my skin type to make an informed opinion/decision. Also, these products might or might not be available in India and/or outside United States. 
I have updated some of the face products I was using last year. I do not usually venture into new products, especially for my face, but these have proven worth the risk (so far). 
one: Burt Bees - Sensitive Facial Cleanser 
After being satisfied with numerous Burt Bee products, I was not reluctant on trying this cleanser. It does not dry the skin and leave it clean and soft. However, the smell of green tea might bother in the starting. I came to accept it with time.  
two: Derma e - Anti-Wrinkle Glycolic Scrub
I do not know why I picked this up. I do not even have wrinkles. I think it must be the bright and colorful packaging. Nonetheless I have been using it for last 2 weeks. It is gentler than the other scrub I use and has a heavenly fragrance. On days when I feel my skin is looking dull, I use this at night and do see a visible difference quite immediately. 
three: Nelsons' - Pure & Clear Purifying Cleansing Wash
I ran out of my AvĂ©ne face wash one day and not having ordered a replacement in time, I picked up the safest sounding face wash I could find in the 'health products aisle'. That was about 3 months ago and I have not been disappointed. It is gentle, cleansing and does not dry my skin. Job well done, in my books!
four: Seed - Healthy Hand Creme
One of my MANY OCDs is applying hand creme constantly. I have a tube in ever nook-and-corner of my house, in my every hand bag, in my car, and also in my office. Hence, this is one of the MANY hand cremes I own. I love the fragrance and I love the packaging. Oh! and it also does the job that a hand creme is supposed to. (This one's for the car, by the way!) 
five: ROSE - Incense Sticks
Well this has nothing to do with 'beauty products' but this is my latest obsession. Rose, Lavender and Sandalwood are my fragrances of preference. But it is only recently, that I have moved from sandalwood incense sticks to rose ones. They smell divine even when they are not lit. 
What products are YOU loving lately?  

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