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How To Wear Bright Colors

While I am known to wear bright colors from head-to-toe, I realize it is not something everyone is comfortable doing. So while I was browsing through my 2014 Outfit Archive, I realized that there are some good examples already to show how one can infuse bright colors in her outfit, in moderation!
  • Create a monochrome outfit and add color through accessories (hats / sunglasses / etc.). 
  • You can wear light-weight-cotton scarves in summers and pashmina stoles in winters
  • Bright clutches are are a great way to infuse colors such as fuchsia pink, parrot green and sunflower yellow into your everyday wardrobe
  • Colors lights (like my previous outfit) is one of my favorite tricks to make an outfit quirky. Be sure to keep rest of the outfit neutral and/or same color palette.  
Below are some examples of outfits where I have applied these tricks. You can click on the link below the pictures to view the original outfit post. 
Skull scarf, C&C Clutch Cover,

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