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Sunny Afternoon in Scottsdale, AZ

Have you ever wondered how it is so easy to talk to some people while with others, no matter how hard you try you can never really speak your mind? I for one am not known to mince my words. And when forced to keep my mouth shut every other part of my existence is "saying" what I cannot in so many words. So bottom line you would know how I feel about you whether I said it or not. Unless you are kinda-socially-dumb!
So ... for a while I have been in a confrontational mode. My logic is that if I decide to not speak up my true feelings then I cannot complain about people not understanding me either. Several months ago I messaged a friend saying that since we basically have had zero communication in the last year or so I am going to "unfriend" her as I do not see the point also because am in the constant need to declutter my life. 
Then again I had emailed another old friend of mine explaining how I feel a distance between us and that may be we are not on the same page any more ... I am happy to report things changed, on both fronts, quite instantly. That's what made me realize that all I had to do was say how I felt ... and life gets better! 
However, it is not all that easy every time. I have a bucket-load of people I would like to clear the air with, but I cannot seem to get around doing that. It could be their unapproachable demeanor, it could be my ego, it could be that I do not find them worth the hassle or it could be 'god-knows-what'. But I know it in my heart that I would feel a million times better if there was not a soul on this planet around whom I felt awkward. I would also feel a lot better if I was a millionaire and didn't have to work to make a living. But it ain't gonna happen, is it!?!?  
In other news: This is what I wore on the first day in Scottsdale, Arizona! 
Shawl from India, Blouse GAP, Levis Jeans, Ecco Boots, ONA Camera bag,
Shawl from India, Blouse GAP, Levis Jeans, Ecco Boots, ONA Camera bag.
Shawl from India, Blouse GAP, Levis Jeans, Ecco Boots, ONA Camera bag,
Shawl - Similar
Top - GAP // Similar
Jeans - Same
Boots - ecco
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