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How to exfoliate for better, brighter skin

How to exfoliate for better, brighter skin,
Growing up I didn’t use many cosmetic or beauty products on my skin. A) I wasn’t allowed to. (Thanks! Mom) B) There wasn’t as many options available as today. During my early teens my daily routine was as simple as cleanse and moisturize with medicated products as I had a severe case of teen acne. I got my eyebrows done (threading) at 16 without my Mom’s permission. I didn’t get facials done till early 20’s.
Anyhoo, the first time I used St. Ives Apricot scrub was in 1997. My friend Surbhi (you know her from here), whose Mom who was not even an ounce as strict as mine allowed her to get facials (among other things) told me she had used this scrub. I got intrigued and asked her to bring me some to try. A couple of days later she got me a teaspoon of scrub to try. It seemed a little meager amount for her to give me but she assured me that it was all I need for one use. I went home and successfully tried it without my Mom getting a whiff of it. I went to the washroom and opened my tini-tiny-sample of the scrub and tried it as per Surbhi’s instructions.
While I don’t remember my exact thoughts from that instance but I do remember being convinced that I needed it in my life. I convinced my Mom to get it for me from the Def. Col Store (the only one which carried imported products in South Delhi in 90s). And it has been sixteen years and I haven’t stopped using it ever since. Give this trick by The Style Dossier sisters a try. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember and works for me wonders. Avoid using it around the eye area, also skip the area where you have an existing pimple. 
How to exfoliate for better, brighter skin,
Yes to Blueberries / Homemade Scrub / St. Ives Scrub
Brand new year means brand new beauty habits right? Well we learned a pretty great one from TBD. We had actually heard of this "exfoliating dry face technique" before but I was a little scared to try it. Wouldn't that harm my skin? Actually NOT! It has changed my skin for the better. Just wet your finger tips, take a face exfoliator and rub onto your dry face. Keep in mind when you exfoliate your face you don't need to rub extremely hard to make that "penny shine." Just rub your forehead or your chin for a little longer you'll get those great results without the rug burn. You can even use your palms to rub your cheeks if you need to for a little better coverage. This technique promotes new skin growth and puts your best face forward. So all those pesky dark spots or that dry skin, be gone! After one use you'll feel the difference. 
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