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How To Style Chunky Knits

For the longest time I believed that I could not wear chunky knits. For one, there is that word "chunky"! Who the hell ever wants to be associated with that in any way at all? But then I realized to survive the cold temperatures I need the chunky knits or I would be left with two options: 1) Die 2) Wear 10 layers on top of each other. Neither of those options seems practical. 

Below are a few ways I have learnt to incorporate the chunky knits in my wardrobe:
  • Layer the hell out of them. If you don't wanna look like you are out of an eighties movie, you better layer them. You have the options of wearing a longer button down, a quilted jacket on top or ever topping it off with a blazer. 
  • Play with silhouettes. Since the upper part of your outfit is chunky (duh!) keep the lower part streamlines with skinny jeans, leggings or a pencil skirt. Pairing oversized-with-oversized 9/10 times makes you looks like a garbage bag. And no one looks good in a garbage bag. No one. 
  • Pair them with boots/high heels. These are probably the finishing touches but it really pulls the look together. And regardless, boots look good with EVERYTHING. Yes, they do. I don't care what you say! 
  • However, feel free to accessorize with a scarf. Wrap a light pashmina or a silk scarf around your neck and strut like a wannabe-french-rockstar! 
  • Lastly, keep the knits limited to just one clothing item per outfit. Anything more you run the risk of looking like a furry bear. 'Nuff said!

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