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White Denims For Fall/Winter

I tend to wear jeans a lot more in fall/winter than spring/summer purely due to the favorable weather to do so ... but apparently one can't wear white after Labor Day. But then what if you really love white denims like I do? 'Coz I really do.

Besides the fact that these have a great fit, they have also proven to be as versatile as the original denims. I have paired them with solids, prints, contrasts and the combination has worked equally well for all of them. 

While picking white denims always go for a thick fabric, as the other kind does not do anyone any favors. You can experiment with fabrics and colors, prints and pattern. Metallics and neon colors look exceptionally good with white denim. Black makes a very bold and classic statement. The most important thing to pay attention to while wearing any sorta-white-clothing is the: under garment. They should be skin-tone and of the right fit themselves. 

I hope this was of some help. 

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