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The Power of Oats

The first time I ever used OATS on my face was at Shahnaz Husain's Salon in mid 90's (She might look like a train wreck but she does know her shit in the beauty dept.). I still remember thinking what a great scrub it was without any prickly particles yet as effective. So when I saw this post at The Style Dossier Blog I knew I had to share it with my fellow DIY Beauty Lovers. Let me know what you think, if you try it! I am going to give "Milk Bath" a shot one of these weekend ;)
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I have discovered something really amazing & I know everybody has it in their pantry too. Oatmeal! I'm telling you this one thing has transformed my skin. Recently I broke out into a horrible rash when I switched moisturizers. My skin was red & blotchy for days. The only thing that revived my skin was oatmeal. 
Oatmeal is great as a facial cleanser, face mask or even a body scrub. It helps to brighten my skin & it exfoliates @ the same time. This is one thing you can use daily & it won't clog your pores, plus it's cheap. I've been doing some research into all the products I use on my face & I'm not very happy. Who wants to put that many chemicals on their face? From now on I'm going the natural route & oatmeal is my secret weapon!
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