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Younglings at Emmys 2013

Ariel Winter from Modern Family
Ariel Winter, Emmys 2014,
Ariel Winter, Emmys 2014,
Ariel wore an age-appropriate, blush pink Lorena Sarbu gown that not only flattered her body type, it also gave her a fresh look without going over board. The make up was spot-on.  
Morgan Saylor from Homeland
Morgan Saylor, Emmys 2014,
Morgan Saylor in wearing a Honor gown, and while she looks absolutely delightful I cannot help but wonder if the dress is a tad-bit-too mature for her? May be a playful or a volumnious gown would have looked more apt. Not feeling the hair either. There is always next year though!
Sarah Hyland from Modern Family
Sarah Hyland, Emmys 2014,
Sarah is wearing a CH by Carolina Herrera gown and while I love the color and cut on her, I am not feeling the make up at all. I think she was going for a 'mature' look, which is fine, but as it happens the hair and make up has aged her instead. 
Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men
Kiernan Shipka, Emmys 2014,
Kiernan wore a floral Delpozo gown and looked absolutely gorgeous and left all the grown-ups behind in style-quotient on the Red Carpet. Age-appropriate, fresh and not-predictable. She delivered more than anyone else. She is my BEST DRESSED on Emmys Red Carpet 2013 
 Aubrey Anderson-Emmons from Modern Family
Aubrey Anderson_Emmons, Emmys 2014,
She is tooooo young to be judged on the Red Carpet style right now but I didn't want to leave her out, so here she is: Her smile was just enough to make her shine! She is wearing a Tea Collection dress.  
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P.S. Surpisingly I L.O.V.E.D her dress. 
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