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First Day of Autumn

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How cute is this poster? Makes me feel excited for autumn ('FALL' for all you Americans!). Definitely looking forward to bringing out my boots and red lipstick among other things. 

I would also like to THANK YOU all for the kind words and wishes on my last post. Usually I feel it is kinda-self-imporant to thank one's readers and behave all 'celebrity-like' for a small little corner on the web. But I hope you would believe me when I say that it ALWAYS warms my heart when people tell me that they enjoy reading (my absolutely insane) thoughts as much as they enjoy the pictures.

Talking of pictures, there is no outfit post today because I have been recovering from sore throat and fever this past weekend which reduced my sartorial choices to sleep wear or tracks/tees. Hopefully we should be back to our usual program soon. 

However, I did use the downtime on Crazy & Co. We have a brand-spanking-new-website. Feel free to check it out and give your feedback here. We will be soon adding a lot new products to the website, so don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated. 

Lastly, it is Emmys Tonight, and chances are I would be actively tweeting and facebook-ing about them ... so be sure to join the conversation if you are interested. 

Hope you all had a good weekend. I will see you later in the week! 
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