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Art of Giving Compliments

I believe giving compliments is an art. One which I am terrible at. Half the time I don't know what to say and when I do manage to put some words together they sound so mainstream ... like, "You look great. OR You look lovely!" How Meh! ... most unimaginative phrases in the art-of-compliment-giving. 

You know who is excellent at giving compliments? This lady. When she gives you a compliment she isn't just praising you, she is practically making you look at yourself in a new-bright-light. She creates magic with her words. You feel so much better about yourself. You cannot help but float between the clouds. Any time I try to give her a compliment and feel, "Yeah, Tanvi. You did a decent job at it today!" she comes back with an even more articulate and heartwarming response. I practically have given up on matching even coming close, in comparison to her, in this art. I just graciously accept her kind words and assume that she would know how much I admire her even if I cannot say it in as many words.

Getting back to me getting compliments: I have recently been called Brave - Bold - Fearless, by several people, which made me feel A) Awesome and B) that I actually appreciate those adjectives more than Pretty - Lovely - Beautiful and the likes. While the later category does make feel nice but a part of me is always unconvinced. I do not associate those adjectives with myself. As mentioned before, "Beauty, is but supported by opinion." I think I am decent looking, I have an O.K. (ever-changing) dressing sense and I can manage to carry myself well. But I can never really take those phases/words seriously. Of course they sound lovely when I get them, but they don't make my insides go, "Yeah! Baby!" - Y'know what I mean?

On the other hand, Brave - Bold - Fearless - now we are talking. I can totally associate myself with these words. I do not feel the need to convince myself or justify these compliment (to my brain). I can whole heartedly accept them. Scratch that - I can own them. They are in fact my favorite-kinda-compliments. 

We are starting to get kinda lazy with out photo shoot location. 
We have found this nook where the light, distance, etc. works. Its just so much easier. *hmmm* 
Ted Baker, Maxi, TJ Maxx, Home, Weekend, Casual Wear,

Ted Baker, Maxi, TJ Maxx, Home, Weekend, Casual Wear,

Ted Baker, Maxi, TJ Maxx, Home, Weekend, Casual Wear,, Crazy & Co.

Ted Baker, Maxi, TJ Maxx, Home, Weekend, Casual Wear,

Ted Baker, Maxi, TJ Maxx, Home, Weekend, Casual Wear,

Top - Ted Baker [10']
Maxi - via TJ Maxx [13'] Other Options
Ring & Pendant - Crazy & Co. [12']
Footwear - Pretty Fit [07'] On My Radar


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