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Farmers' Market at Pearl Brewery, San Antonio

My weekends are starting to look more or less same every week. There are always some errands involved, a little bit of work, a lot of cooking, then some reading and a great amount of television and movie viewing. 

Talking of which ... Did you know I love action thrillers? I love them even more than romantic movies. If you ever wondered whom did they ever made those Sunny Deol movies in the early 1990's. The answer would be for yours truly. I am the true representative of the Indian masses in this genre. I need the emotional drama. I need a villian to hate, an underdog to root for and simple-grounded-damsel for the fore mentioned 'underdog' to fall in love with. I am sucker for such stories. They are simple. They do not give you any unnecessary stress. 

Another thing you should know about me is that I take the movie characters very seriously. I don't care if the person sitting next to me is literally choking on their popcorn but my favorite character in the movie (or in a book) should never ever be in or have any life-threatening situations. Because when they are in pain, I am in pain. And I get stressed for them. Obviously, I'd rather not be in pain or be stressed. Incidently, all the movies I watched this weekend were stress free (: 

1. Chennai Express: I agreed to watch it reluctantly as I have very little expectation from SRK movies in the last few years. His last movie I truly enjoyed was Chak De India, 2007! For some reason people think that I don't like SRK. On the contrary I really do like him. I am just not sure he has been making wise choices in the last decade. Has also been exceptionally pompous but that seems to be changing now and I am happy for him! Anyhoo, this movie started luke warm, something to justify his age and premise of the movie ... yada yada yada. I was waiting to write SRK off again, when suddenly 20-30 minutes into the movie I found myself laughying hysterically. I turned around to my husband and said, "This is funny!" (He agreed.) So I will give this one to SRK and Rohit Shetty. It wasn't half as bad as I was expecting. I laughed and they managed to keep me entertained till the end. And Deepika was awesome. I was thinking that they would make me apologize to my fellow South Indians for stereotyping them with the accent, but I think Meena's character justified it and she saved us all from being embarassaed. I also loved all her sarees. She kinda made me wanna wear only Sarees, day and night! I am secretly glad people think I look like Deepika. She is HOT man! My only beef, the movie should have had subtitles since almost 50% of the dialogues were in Tamil. P.S. Addicted to the 'Lungi dance'. I already have 80% of the steps down in the privacy of my room

2. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai (Dobara): Snooze Fest! I missed Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi. Yes, you read that right. I missed Emraan Hashmi. I was looking forward to some good old 80's gangster drama and what I got was a nauseating love story. So not cool Ekta. So not cool. P.S. Ekta Kapoor is the producer. 

3. Olympus Has FallenGerard Butler is hot. It is an action thrill. There is little-to-no-emotional-sappiness. Did I mention Gerard Butler is hot? He also saves the day. In other words, it is a decent watch. 

At the Farmers' Market (again) in my homeless-chic avatar.
Neon, Arm Candy, Farmers Market, Bangles,

Neon, Chambray, Shorts, Farmers Market, Bangles,

Neon, Chambray, Shorts, Farmers Market, Bangles,

Neon, Chambray, Shorts, Farmers Market, Bangles,

Neon, Chambray, Shorts, Farmers Market, Bangles, Juttis,

Tank - Calvin Klein [06'] Similar
Shirt - c/o Oasap  [12'] Similar
Shorts - Kensie [09'] 
Shoes (Jutti) - From Amritsar, India [11']
Ring & Bangles - Crazy & Co. [12' - 13']
Camera Bag - ONA [13']

Snap Shots from the Market! 

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