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Why I don't follow your Facebook Page?

... or your Twitter, or Instagram for that matter ... 

For probably one of the two reasons: 

  • Its repetitive. Chances are you have already connected all these platforms with one another and if I follow you on any one social media platform I am definitely going to get that update. Current craze being Instagram pictures on Facebook. So why should I bother following you Instagram when I know I will end up seeing that picture on Facebook? Don't get me wrong. It is not personal. It is a simple way of de-cluttering my life and staying on top of what is relevant. Every platform is different and people expect different things on each of them. Respect them. Personally, the only social media platforms that I have inter-connected is Facebook to Twitter. But I am already re-analysing on whether I should disconnect it and have 100% authentic content on all social platforms
    P.S. If you are going to cross-share content, then at least be selective about it. Make sure there is a valid reason why something is being exponentially shared across your virtual life. And also, so that people following you on different platforms continue to have an incentive of doing so. 
  • It is not interesting. Again nothing personal but we all are on social media to find interesting content and fresh perspective, without the two it is plain waste of time. 

The most common excuse people would have is lack of time to feed fresh content to each social medium. Fair enough. Then try and sign up on only as many platforms as you can 'genuinely' handle, because otherwise you are only taking your audience for granted and sooner or later you would run the risk of over-exposure or over-sharing. 
This post was a follow up from the statement I had made here and was asked to elaborate on, by several people. 
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