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5/100 Fitness Challenge

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Well, this is a workout which, when I started didn't expect to kick my butt (literally) the way it did. But the results are spectacular so thats something to look forward to, right? However, let me tell you that I tried making this harder for myself as I was timing my circuits and trying to beat my time the next day. 

I will give you the run down of my emotions as per the weeks. Cool? 

Week 1
I started the challenge on May 29th. I know right? Whatever happened to the OCD of needing to start every thing on the 1st of the month or at least on a Monday. With this I broke my rule OCD because I was desperate to change my lifestyle and body. First week went by like a breeze. A set of 20? I could do it in my sleep. I did this circuit first thing in the morning and got it out of my way and continued me usual workouts in the evening. 

Longest duration: 4 minutes 43 seconds
Shortest duration: 3 minutes 38 seconds

Week 2
A set of 40 wasn't enough to break me. I didn't feel the challenge yet, except the fact that I was trying to beat my own time and that I couldn't take a break in between AT ALL. It was slowly kicking my butt and I was loving it. Not to forget by now I had also started the 30 Day Ab Challenge which I would do right after this circuit.

Longest duration: 8 minutes 26 seconds
Shortest duration: 7 minutes 12 seconds

Week 3
Now we are talking! It finally started getting challlenging. Push ups were the most difficult for me. The first two weeks I could manage doing the normal push ups but with 60 repetitions I had to convert my form to 'girly' push-ups as no way could I complete 60 without taking a break. Starting this week, I did this circuit in the morning and my regular workout and Ab challenge in the evening. 

Longest duration: 14 minutes 16 seconds
Shortest duration: 10 minutes 17 seconds

Week 4: M***** F**K*** SH** - It got brutal. I had to dig deep and-then-some to find the motivation to keep going. It truly took every ounce of my dedication and will power to complete this circuit. But in the end it felt good. So So Good! 

Longest duration: 21 minutes 18 seconds
Shortest duration: 16 minutes 56 seconds

Week 5: This is what hell must feel like. A) I didn't sign up for this SH** B) I didn't know I had this much strength ... to go through it not once, not twice but for five whole times. The first day I did it, I literally wept. Not just over whelmed-and-felt-like-crying but REAL tears rolling down my eyes. I am not kidding. If I had to dig-deep the previous week, I probably had to dig within, all the way till my toes in this week. The second day was not as harsh, probably because I was prepared but then I almost cried on the third day again. 

Longest duration: 23 minutes 25 seconds
Shortest duration: 20 minutes 55 seconds

When I told a few people about this challenge they said, if it was them they would have given up long time ago. No one was watching, so why bother anyways? Oh! well ... Fair Enough! That’s not me though. I don’t care if anyone else is watching or not. I am watching myself.

I would rate it:

Challenging – 5/5
Effectiveness – 5/5

It was hard but I am glad I did it. 



  1. Well well (as I slowly stand with a round of applause).
    I'm proud of you for sticking it through to the end, not many people can honestly say, with God (or whomever they believe in) as a witness, that they not only merely completed this challenge but they dug deep and beyond. One of the many sayings that I constantly say to my participants is that the only person you hurt is yourself if you don't do your reps. This is a great and rather entertaining review. Thanks a million and keep up the great work! -Gwen Ro "Stay ready so you don't have to get ready." [Gro Fit]


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