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30 Day Ab Challenge

Usually I schedule all fitness posts for Friday, but after the number of requests I received for this challenge update I thought waiting till Friday might be a bit too long. Plus I have another fitness post already scheduled for the coming Friday! 
I heard about this challenge by Eboni on Twitter and jumped on the opportunity right away. I was already doing one other challenge (more about it on Friday) and since right now I am in super-fitness-motivation-mode I decided to take up two challenges simultaneously. I know I am crazy! 
But today I am only going to talk about the Abs Challenge. I started the challenge on 1st June (because I have OCDs) and finished it yesterday. As you can see, the first week is a cakewalk. Personally I would say it only started getting challenging from Day 15.  However, this workout is completely doable and can be done along with your regular fitness routine. 
I would rate it: 
Challenging – 3/5
Effectiveness – 4/5 
A few suggestions I can make:  
  1. Drink AT LEAST 2 liters of water every day
  2. Limit your in take of processed foods and aerated drinks
  3. Avoid refined sugar
  4. Eat smaller portions, about the size of your palm  
P.S. I moved around the ‘Rest Days’ according to my lifestyle and work schedule. I do not think it affected the over all result. 

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