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This Complicated World

Yesterday Jiah Khan, an Indian actress committed suicide. As usual the media is all over the news. Why is it always death that makes people sit up and take notice? Everyone, in the film industry and outside, has kind and wonderful things to say about her. And suddenly she is people’s favorite actress. Just because she is dead, she is being showered with all the love and attention. I guess, had that attention come to her sooner, she might not have committed suicide after all? 

While one part of my brain thinks like that, the other part thinks that she should have been stronger. If someone doesn’t value his or her life enough, then there is no point in living, really. Positivity, happiness, and the will-to-live, all come from within, isn’t I? No one can instill them in you.

We as human beings are so complicated. Sometimes I feel the world is becoming harsher and ruthless day by day, and other times I think people are getting way too sensitive. I haven’t decided which one it is yet. While my head is filled with a whirlwind of contradicting thoughts, I clearly don't have the answers ... I do hope she finds in death, what she didn't find in life. 

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