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"Short" Comings

For the longest time, I have tried to solve people's problems. Whenever someone comes to be with their 'issues' or 'dramas' in life, you can trust me to have a practical and totally-doable advice. And I am not afraid of giving it, especially since they came to be in the fist place. 

But truth of the matter is that my 'logical' advice always falls on deaf ears and people who come with their problems never pay any heed to it. What's most frustrating is to see them getting hurt and used by others and hearing them bitch about it, and then repeat myself like a broken record - UP UNTIL NOW!!! I recently (about a year ago!) realized that these people are not looking for a solution. Sure they form their sentences like they are looking for a way out, but in reality they are not. All they are doing is WHINE. They come to me because they "want" to become that person I am asking them to become, but they are incapable of taking those actions. They just want to hear me give them an advice. Somewhere deep down they believe they will get their way out of their dramas one day but now we all know - it ain't gonna happen! 

So what do I do now when they come bitch'n about their lives? I listen patiently, nod-along everything they say, and agree with them how their situation absolutely sucks but offer NO advice in return. They get their troubles off their chest and I get to maintain my sanity by not involving myself in their unsolvable issues. Win-Win!

And why am I telling y'all, all this? Absolutely no reason. Why do you even bother reading my blabber tch.tch :P

First time wearing shorts on the blog this year! 

Top - Hand-me-down from Anita [06']
Shorts - GAP [12'] Previously worn here, here, and here
Boots - ASOS [10'] Previously worn here

On my lips - Cardinal Plume (178) via L'Oreal ColorRiche

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