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Shopping Ban Is Over + Five Ways To Wear Printed Trousers

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These GAP trousers found in the SALE aisle last September have been one of the best purchases ever. If I could I would wear them everyday. But then that wouldn't be fair to my rest of the wardrobe isn't it? (;

The shopping ban is FINALLY over. Phew! It seems like it went on forever. Doesn't it? I didn't miss shopping at all, but just the mention of the shopping ban made me (and people around me) wonder, "Is it STILL going on?!" No regrets though. It was an amazing experience and I am glad I did it. Will I do it again? We shall see! 

Here's what I learnt about myself in the last four months: 
  1. I am NOT a compulsive shopper
  2. I prefer quality over quantity (or trends)
  3. I have a lot of investment pieces in my wardrobe which can be styled in a million ways
  4. I am a content person
  5. I truly believe: Less is MORE!
Here's how shopping ban has changed my perspective and life:
  1. Other people (bloggers included) do not influence my purchases
  2. My conversations are not about fashion or clothing any more
  3. I do not waste time surfing the shopping sites any more, in turn my daily productivity has increased (a lot)
However, having said that I do have an on-going list of INVESTMENT pieces I plan on adding to my wardrobe in the coming months. Most of them are out of need and not want. As it should be! 

How did it go for y'all? Is someone still ON the ban? Did you quit half way and didn't tell me? Did you learn something about yourself too? Clearly, I have a lot of questions. Someone please answer (in the comments below), or else I will just be a crazy person talking to myself ... which most times I am! So no sweat! (;



  1. Yay congrats! You did the impossible!
    The one month ban was too much for me. It really gets to you, when part of your job is shopping (for others), but I was happy to complete it.
    It shows that I have self control.

    *High five*

    1. *high.five* We all have self control, we just need to exercise it! (:

  2. Congratulations on completing you shopping ban! As I had mentioned a month back, my 3-month shopping ban came to an end.

    It enabled me to
    1. Thoroughly clean out my wardrobe
    2. See what important pieces were missing from my wardrobe
    3. Show me the direction I would like to take henceforth to create 'my style'
    4. Prepare a shopping list!

    I recently went on a vacation and I usually just grab anything that catches my attention when shopping but with the list I felt prepared and I stuck to it - it made me proud!


    1. Congrats to you too! (:

      Thanks for joining me int he ban. And It makes me proud too!!!

  3. Mine probably lasted half of your duration..birthday was my excuse for ending it! But as I read what you learnt I'm convincing myself to take on the ban again and be creative with what I have, also be less influenced by others ..I hope it works:-)


    1. Good Luck! It will work, if you make it work! (:

  4. Hey, Good job!!! I am not on a complete shopping ban however I have limited my shopping to only one item per month and also make sure that the price of the item is not very expensive. As you mentioned, I too don't waste my time on websites and I don't get tempted while browsing others blogs.

    1. Thats an excellent plan too. Better than the ban I would say! (:

  5. WOW Tanvi..4 months ..thats fantastic..m glad the ban is over now.


  6. Dear Tanvii,

    How did you do make it happen? I have practiced self control but how can a fashion lover take it this far? Please tell us all what all did you face while going through it? I specially would love to hear about the small lil good looking obstacles that came your way? We need some real inspiration here.

    Salute to you!

    1. Hey Shelly! If you read the posts following this link. you will find answers to most of the questions you asked. But if you still think I have something for me, do let me know! (:

  7. Tanvi, wow, 4 months is a long time! And looks like you gained a lot of self knowledge along the way. Loved the on-going list too, esp the long striped skirt.

  8. The last look is my favourite!

  9. Congratss... I guess I need to learn something from this.... I have recently realized how it is more important to style your existing clothes into outfits rather than keep on buying new ones.


    1. Glad I could help! P.S. Thanks Manali!!!


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