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Reward Center

I was having a dinner table conversation with my family and Dr. Fab said that we all have a reward center in our brain and everyone needs something to feel good about their life and hard work. One by one everyone mentioned the reward they give themselves at the end of the day (work week). Some of the rewards mentioned around the table were a shopping haul, a relaxing sheeha session, a chilled beer, dessert, etc. (you get the idea) ... when my turn came, I didn't have a single thing to mention. Do I not reward myself? What is my guilty pleasure? I do not shop much (as proven!), I do not eat desserts much, I do not drink much, I do not smoke. I do not even watch movies or television much any more. 

What is it that I do then? Dear husband offered an answer on my behalf, "You workout!". Whaaaatt?!?! When did I become THAT person? Who rewards themselves with a workout? ... After much deliberation, I agreed. I do. I am THAT person. I unwind at the end of the day with a run, going up and down the stairs or an intense interval training. Nothing else makes me feel better. Is that so wrong? It is a reward that keeps giving. Isn't it? How do y'all reward yourself? 

Make up by Richa! (:

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