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Positive Reinforcement Exercise

On Saturday I was having a conversation with my husband and I told him that being critical about myself is truly becoming a problem. No matter what, I am always aiming for higher and disregarding my current achievement/qualities. We were having this conversation while going up and down the staircase (cooling down after our workout). That's when he suggested let's have a positive reinforcement exercise. Each one of us had to tell five positive qualities about ourselves. I told him to go first. He said his first quality was - kindness. I agreed, he is a kind man. He told me, "Your turn now!" and first thing that came to my mind was that, "I am selfish!" Can you imagine how deep-rooted my self-critical-thinking is? I quickly realized my mistake, and took good minute to came one with the first one. I said, "I am creative." He agreed.

You'd think it would have been an easy and simple exercise to do? But no, it was much tougher than any physical exercise I do. We kept going up and down the stairs for about 15-18 minutes. That's how long it took us to come up with 5 qualities. On a positive note, at least I am not as self-obsessed as I one would imagine :P 

I won't leave you guys all high and dry with suspense. Below is the list of 5 things we both came up with: 

Husband's five qualities: 
- Kind
- Positive
- More patient than before
- Smart worker
- Always prepared when opportunity knocks the door

My five qualities: 
- Creative
- Realist 
- Disciplined
- Hard worker
- Good at managing finances 

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