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The Husband Series (V) - Favorite TV Shows [2013]

Remember this post? Well I got back home the next day after work and saw my dear husband working on a post for my blog. How sweet right? Well, at least I thought so. The last time we made a Favorite TV Shows list, we felt we left out a few others which we thought were too awesome to miss out. So I am glad that he has finally mentioned them here along with a few others which we have seen in the last 2 years. Just FYI: We prefer to do TV Show marathons. So except for a handful we wait for the season to finish and then watch it back to back over one of the weekends. 

If 1930’s-1960’s was the Golden age of movies, I guess the 2000’s can be deemed as the golden age of the television. I was going through Tanvi’s previous posts and stumbled upon the one that I wrote on Best TV Shows. However, so many good shows have been televised since that post. Hence, update to banta hai boss (the list needs to be updated, boss). Without further delay, and in no specific order, here’s the best (in our opinion) that the TV has to offer –

Spartacus – The blood, the sex, the gore, the violence, the politics, the story, the emotions, the drama…there has never been a show that has all these elements in perfection. The show has enough spice for all your senses. The story is like a python that intertwines you so that you become one of them and you cry in their victory and you cry in their defeat. MARVELLOUS! 

2. Newsroom – This show is an antithesis of the present day media. It portrays what a responsible journalism should be like and what an intelligent audience craves from their news channels. Each episode of the show deals with behind-the-scenes working of a cable news channel in backdrop of a real life happening like Japan earthquake, BP Oil spill, Killing of Osama, and such. Jeff Daniels who plays the main protagonist now ranks in my top 10 actors of present times with his powerful and intense portrayal of the lead News anchor. Hats off to HBO for picking this show and thanks to Aaron Sorkin (creator) to show us what exceptional journalism should be and what exceptional screenplay is. Respect!

3. House of Cards – This original Netflix series is an adaptation of a British TV series by the same name. The brilliant, Mr. Kevin Spacey (note the prefix) plays the vindictive politician and Kate Mara plays the overly-ambitious-ready-to-do-anything-for-a-story type journalist. This show gives a glimpse of the dark side of US politics but can very well be applied to any society or profession. Brilliant writing, brilliant acting, and tight screenplay make this a back-to-back episode watching television.

4. Game of Thrones - The tagline for the show is ‘Everybody wants to be king, but only one can rule’. A lot has been already said about this show and I will save the word count and let you google about the most amazingly fantasyland TV series right now. An IMDB rating of 9.4/10 with over 300,000 votes is no surprise.

5. Lilyhammer – This is one of those shows that you discover while going through the Netflix list. You read its summary, not sure what it is about and then think what the hell I will watch it for a few minutes. BUT next thing you realize is that, you have been hooked for its intelligent comical timing that has been blended with a mob backdrop. Steven Van Zandt plays an ex-mob who goes to Norway from US under the witness protection program. And soon he becomes the most influential guy in the town of Lilyhammer because of his mob ways and his journey is… well…Very Entertaining!

6. The Killing – This is a pure Who-Dunnit type mystery series that goes on for two seasons and revolves around the death of an innocent young girl. I can’t say much here as I don’t want to give any spoilers but just trust us when we say that this is the best mystery drama that you will have ever watched.

7. Justified – This one is for those who like everything southern -> from their accent to their cowboy boots, to their gentleman like ways with ‘don’t mess with me’ kinda streak. Its main two characters, a US Marshall and a local gangster, have equally-weighted well written roles. They both are diabolical. If you ever liked cop-gangster like stories, then this is your show.

8. Homeland – You know I always save the best for the last. In its 2 seasons, this TV series hasn’t had a lull moment in any of the episodes. The terrorist is the hero and the hero is the terrorist. Go Figure! The series has won back to back Golden Globes for both of its seasons. On top of that Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are so believable in their respective roles that both of them have been Golden Globed as well.

Update from the last post - The Boardwalk Empire and White Collar have been CUT from our list. Boardwalk has a very slow pace and White Collar became too predictable and lost its sheen. The Good Wife and Suits are brilliant as ever and would probably trump any other show on our DVR. Coincidentally, both are law firm based series. Both Dexter and Breaking Bad will have their last season’s this year and will be dearly missed. Sons of Anarchy is the epitome of Outlaw glorification, and would make you ponder – "What will it take to become one of the Sons?" ... Bad…very bad!

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Back to me, aka Tanvi: It is not often, but sometimes I do depart from bright colors. 

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