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My Favorite Dress

Just last month I had mentioned that I hadn't been to the cinemas in 2013 and since then I have been to the movies every weekend. 
  1. Iron Man 3 - I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am pleased that Gwyneth had a decent screen time as opposed to the previous two Iron Man movies. Full of witty humor and action. A must watch.  
  2. Go Goa Gone - Its a Hindi movie, which didn't amuse me. First half was still funny in portions, but the second half seemed more like a spoof on the zombie movies. After being an ardent follower of Walking Dead, this didn't even come close. Can easily pass!
  3. Star Trek Into Darkness - Another good movie with innumerable twists and turns but kept me interested till the end. Although I do wish it was a tad-bit shorter but I wouldn't hold that against it. A must watch. 
Moving on to the outfit post: This is truly one of my favorite dresses. I cannot get enough of it. I contemplated letting it go in the closet cleanse but couldn't. I even tried finding something similar for a post-ban purchase but the only one I found was this, but I am not sure the price justifies the purchase. Anyhoo, here's how I have styled it several times on my blog before.

Dress - ASOS [10'] Similar
Top - Joie [13'] Similar
Footwear - pretty fit [07'] Close enough
Belt - GAP [12'] Similar
Bangle - Gift from Mom [13'] Similar
Necklace - Gift from Diksha [12'] Similar

On my nails - some random shade I picked at the salon
On my lips - Mocha via MAC 
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