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Little White Dress

Y’know how when you are young(er) you enjoy being all mysterious, enigmatic, unpredictable and what not! How you love being called a firecracker or a wild card? No? That was just me? Well, great! Read on, anyways? 

– Lately I have been enjoying the predictability of my personality. Like when my husband knows that I shouldn’t listen to a song because it will make me sad for no reason. OR when my brother catches that exact phrase I wanted him to focus on, in the article I had sent him to read. OR when I have self-doubt and a friend knows exactly what I mean and responds. OR how while having a conversation, an absolute stranger (blog reader) responds that she knew *that, because she gets that from my personality. [*a characteristic about myself]

Isn’t all this nice? I like it. I feel the world FINALLY gets me. I am not all that of a freak after all. I am comprehendible. The world and I am talking the same language now. It took a while, but we are on the same page eventually … y’know? No? Nevermind then! 

Dress - River Island [12'] Similar
Shoes - ALDO [11'] Similar
Earrings - Gift from Mom [10'] Similar
Ring - Crazy & Co. [12'] More Options

On my lips - Gulabi via MAC

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