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Five Life Lessons

 This outfit is inspired by one of the dresses styled in the Target collection by Kate Young

Dress - Vero Moda [12']
Top - Urban Outfitters [10']
Shoes - Report [13']
Belt - J.Crew [Thrifted, 10']
Bag - Hand-me-down from Richa [13']

On my eyes - Hashmi Kajal
On my lips - On my lips - stunner (840) via blastflipstick from COVERGIRL

About a month ago when I couldn't decide what to blog about, a few of my readers made some suggestions. Majority of them were Fashion & Beauty related but this one specific one was about life ... And we all know. I love life. And this also felt the easiest one to blog about. (You guys, have no idea how much work beauty-related posts take!)

Here goes: The five life lessons I have learnt

1) You cannot please everyone. Someone or the other will always get offended. Might as well do what makes you happy. P.S. In Ricky Gervais's words, "Just because someone gets offended, doesn't make them right!" 
2) Actions DO speak louder than words. If there is something you wish to do, then do it first and talk about it later. Its always more fun listening to real-stories than the imaginary ones.
3) Life is short. Do not make it shorter by being foolish. I am all for adventure and dare devil sports but I do not believe in taking risks from which I might not recover. Ever!
4) Financial Independence is important. Until you are dependent upon someone else for your 'survival', you will never truly be your own person.
5) Happiness is a choice. And it comes from within. You are either a happy person or a whiny person. No external factor can change that. 

These are lessons that I have probably learnt in last 5 years. What happened before that one might wonder? Who knows! I didn't have a blog back then to archive it all in (; P.S. If you have an idea for a post, feel free to leave it here. I am always looking for new concepts.

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