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Exceptionally Nostalgic

Today, I seem to be exceptionally nostalgic about the 'initial' blogging days. ... from carefree posts to carefree outfits; everything! Knowledge sometimes ruins us. The more we know, the less risks we take. At least its true in my case. So many times, I want to reply to a comment, a tweet, or a remark, but I don't - because honestly who has the time to deal with the drama? The thing with being shielded behind a computer screen is that stupidity ends up sounding intelligent and logic ends up sounding arrogant. You really can't win between these odds. Hence, I choose to be quiet. Let's see for how long! 

Tunic - Custom made and gifted by Richa [13'] Another one on my radar!
Jeans - Miss Sixty [08'] Similar
Shoes - From Amritsar [11'] Similar
Ring - Gift from Mom [13'] Kinda Similar

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