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Ben & Jerry's Factory, Waterbury, VT

A few weeks back we made a weekend trip to Vermont. For the longest time I had wanted to visit that state for the sole reason that Ben & Jerry's was founded there. Whenever I ate that ice cream and saw Vermont written on the box and thought to myself that, "I will go there one day". That was 15 years ago. Clearly I haven't grown up since then. Nonetheless I made it there finally. Even though, they (Ben & Jerry) were single handedly responsible for this

The factory is small and cute but it did not disappoint. They have a tour which start every hour and lasts for about under 40 minutes. At the end of the tour to receive a free sample (best part!) :P. They have a short documentary (like ALL short tours in U.S.) where you learn everything about Ben & Jerry (literally, the two men who started it!). 

Random Anecdote: At the end of the film the guide asked. "Does anyone has a question?" A cute little 6 year old raised his hand and asked, "Does Chunky Monkey has monkey in it?" - Could there be a more innocent question EVERR? 

P.S. With this I have visited 22 U.S. States now. 28 more to go!

Sweater - Criminal [London, 06']
Jeans - Michael Kors [13']
Shoes - Børn [10']

On my lips - Who knows?! It was a while back, you guys! :P

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