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10 random things on my mind: 

- Its been a while since Dr. Fab wrote a post for the blog. Isn't it?
- Why is our world so nuts?
- Living in the moment is so much easier than planning ahead!
- If I were to ask God for something, it would be clear skin.
- Why do changes in other people's lives always make me so nervous?
- I haven't been to the movies even once in 2013. Can you believe it?
- One thing I miss about living in India is the chauffeur-driven-car. 
- Learning to live smarter, and not bigger!
- I am reluctant to admit it but unlike most people, Monday is my favorite day. 
- “I do it because I can, I can because I want to, I want to because you said I couldn't.” —Unknown

As for the outfit, it was not until I started editing the pictures that I realized that I was wearing the EXACT same color combination as the last outfit. How bizarre. I don't remember if that has ever happened to me before. Although, the last one was from Saturday and this one is from Monday. 

Dress - Gift from an aunt [09']
Jacket - Michael Kors [08']
Shoes - Rocketdog [11']
Necklace - Won in a contest [11']

On my eyes - BADGAL eyeliner via BENEFIT
On my lips - Lady Danger via MAC 

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